We’ve read all the tweets we can about this Covid-19. It shut the NBA down, the NCAA down, the MLS for 30 days, and soccer overseas, but now it’s gone too far. It’s shut down the most pivotal part of the season for many NHL teams. This effects no team harder than the Philadelphia Flyers, better known as the hottest team in hockey for the past month.

This is a massive mojo killer to the Orange & Black. Hockey isn’t a sport like the NBA where the top seeds are always projected to win, it’s like the MLB, you want to be the hot team going into playoffs. You wanna have that touch of “is this destiny?” in a team. Ask the Blues last year, their last 15 games gave them that juice to win the Cup, the same juice that could belong to the Flyers.

Win 9 in a row, lose to a cup favorite in Boston, and 1 point out of first in the Met and then BANG season suspended. I don’t know if this is Bettman’s doing or what, but Covid-19, I’m onto you. The only disease story I’ll be wanting to hear come summer is how the Flyers rallied around Oskar Lindblom, a guy who’s battling a real disease in cancer, not some whimpy, media fueled flu that can be cured with a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and the super hero beverage combo of o.j and ginger ale.