It’s been a tough few years in the Great White North’s capital of Ottawa. The inept ownership of Eugene Melnyk, letting superstar D-man and captain Erik Karlsson leave for San Jose, the wife drama between Karlsson and Hoffman, the shit talking from players in an Uber, firing their new President and CEO Jim Little after a little less than 2 months on the job, and to top it all off they’ve been one of the worst teams in the league the past 3 years. So things couldn’t get any worse, right? Eh think again.

Of course Ottawa gets the coronavirus. This isn’t the first person within an NHL organization to be diagnosed with the coronavirus, but it is the first player. Unlike the NBA, the NHL and the Ottawa Senators have kept the players name anonymous, which is the right thing to do for player/family privacy. The NBA stated that they wouldn’t release the names of the four Nets players who got the virus, but that soon faded once they found out KD had it.

I feel bad for the Senators team, the fan base, and the city of Ottawa as a whole. Their owner is more interested in being butt-buddies with Mel Gibson than delivering the capital of Canada a competent hockey team. Stay safe Ottawa, wash your hands, and pray that someone within that organization can steer this team straight.