Hand up, I love cooking and love the Food Network. The second I watch ESPN/FS1 for the 2nd-3rd time I’m instantly throwing on Food Network. “But Uncle Barnes, the Food Network and cooking are for girls, I only watch sports.”, well sorry guy, that’s a real shame.


Ain’t a thing wrong with watching Chopped, Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Beat Bobby Flay, etc. It’s all great television, and if you don’t think learning some cooking tips in the process, then have fun with your microwaved quesadilla or that sick bowl of cereal you cheffed up. However, there is one more frontier that the Food Network has to conquer to fully capture America’s taste buds, especially in this time of sports peril; they need gambling odds on cooking shows.

This especially goes for Chopped. You see the opening introductions to the four chefs and bang you got odds for whose dishes are gonna take home the 10 Grand. Then install live bets after the appetizer round when you can tell whose got the skills in the kitchen and who can’t take the heat. That right there is television; gambling on cooking competitions. Make it happen Food Network.