As the world screeches to a halt around us, it’s becoming abundantly clear that a number of selfish assholes don’t seem to get the picture. And this tweet from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy inspired me:

Aside from my brain being further poisoned by how stupid the idea of a Corona Party is, there’s one word that sticks out to me in his statement. Shame. Shame truly is the greatest weapon that we the people possess. You want someone to change their shitty behavior? You just loudly, aggressively, and publicly shame them until they have no choice but to relent. Now I know you’re sitting there thinking “c’mon Harry, how powerful a weapon can shame really be?” Well dumb dumb, let me show you.

Last week, The 76ers made headline news with the incredibly tone deaf move of demanding that their salaried employees take a 20% salary reduction. Guess how this move was met by the all powerful internet? They shamed the fuck out of some of the most influential, rich, and powerful men on the planet.

You get the picture. And you know what they did? They got shamed so hard that they had to buck up and backpedal.

If the internet can collectively shame billionaires into being less shitty then I see no reason that we couldn’t shame an average human being into not contributing to the spread of a pandemic. I mean look at these fuckin morons!

You think they’d be out there if someone was able to pinpoint them to their shitty actions and them shame publicly for it? I think not. Our generations Batman will be some guy who runs around in a hazmat suit photographing and documenting all the people who deserve shame, and adding them into a big ole shame database that anyone can access. I’m rereading this and it’s getting a little Black Mirror/Chinese Government Surveillancey, but I don’t even care.

Do your part everyone. Unsheathe the most powerful sword in history, and (metaphorically) behead all the dummies with shame.