Yesterday, I played Phillyopoly (The Philly Version of Monopoly), and I ran the table from start to finish, probably winning in 3 or 4 hours. My competitors were alright, but I knew they hadn’t grown up playing the game. When I first learned how to play Monopoly my dad bankrupted me game after game, until I started to learn it. It wasn’t winning that really mattered, but it was about learning how to negotiate and properly manage cash and real estate assets. It’s Business 101 and needs to implicated to our education system, and American way of life more frequently to preserve the great tradition of great American businessmen and women.

Although the game takes hours to finish, it’s one of the best. This isn’t one of the games where the dice decides everything, there’s more decision making that goes involved with the game. You either have killer instinct, or you don’t, and that is what decides the game. You think Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Carnegie played it tentatively to gain their real life monopolies? No chance. They were sharks, just like I was yesterday, and just like future businessmen/women of America will have to be to keep us successful.

Pick up this game and play it with your buddies to see who’s the sucker, and who you may want to go into business with in the future.. Don’ pass go if you don’t know how to control the Monopoly board.