3 entities. 3 ideologies. 3 of the largest terror organizations on Earth*.

If you’re living under a rock, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. People all over the world are shut inside slowly slipping deeper into insanity. Now, with the whole world stuck inside, what better way to pass the time than with your favorite video games? In our time of need, The Bookie’s Basement Pandemic Response Team called on EA Sports and EA Access to release the holy grail of video games, NCAA Football 14, for current gen consoles.

We can debate whether starting with a targeted harassment campaign was the correct move all we want (it always is) but the reality of the situation is that EA’s silence has been deafening. Not letting us all start a dynasty mode to piss away dozens of quarantine hours is an act of terror plain and simple. They have the technology. They have the capabilities. The O’Bannon case is settled. So what exactly is preventing EA from giving the people what we need right now? They’re terrorizers. And, I’d venture so far as to say those monsters are clearly deriving some sort of sick sadistic pleasure from depriving us in our time of need.

So how do we band together to defeat the terrorizers at EA? Well, we recently saw the internet bully a billionaire into not being a scumbag, so I say we just have to bully EA into submission. We must be relentless. Bombard them with tweets, emails, phone calls, the whole 9. This battle won’t be won until we’re all taking a MAC school to the natty on our PS4s/Xbox Ones while comfortably quarantined without a care in the world.

Stay safe pals, and join me in bullying EA on twitter @Harry__Mac.

*Allegedly. I think that’s how I do this. That and I’m claiming parody law.