I should have been sitting on my couch the past two weeks, doing nothing but placing an ungodly number of live bets on college basketball games and raging about the inevitable bad beats I’m experiencing. I never thought I’d miss being on the wrong side of a bet, but I’d do anything to have a backdoor cover go against me right now.

Instead, my roommates and I have been passing the time watching every genre of YouTube video under the sun. From the best bat flips of all time, to a guy who took the time to rank every single Kanye West song, 1-117, we’ve left no stone unturned. I actually do recommend that second video – I don’t think there’s anybody who loves anything as much as that guy loves Kanye (besides maybe Zack from my previous blog). 

Anyways, a quick browse of the scheduled ESPN programming for today shows just how dire these straits are.

It’s tough to justify nine hours of Peyton’s Places. Flat out. And that’s on ESPN2, so ostensibly that is ESPN’s second best option to show at any given time.

I’m actually for more ESPN8: The Ocho type coverage in general, but cornhole being a top-tier sports offering pretty much sums up 2020 to this point. As an aside, if you call cornhole “bags”, you are a psychopath. I just had to get that off my chest.

Anybody who knows me knows I had to throw this one in here. If we’re talking purely from a technical point of view, UVA is still the reigning champs for another year. In that same vein, I might just have to watch the best national semifinal game of the last ten years, Virginia versus Auburn, for the millionth time (I didn’t say it, Bleacher Report did).

I just thought I’d throw up a post to remind you guys what we’re missing out today, what we have to watch instead, and the magnitude of the situation.

And yes, Kyle Guy was fouled. Hit me up on Twitter if you (incorrectly) don’t think he was.