If the past infinity years haven’t been brutal enough being a Sixers fan, Stephen A reminding us today that Tracy McGrady was almost a Sixer sure didn’t help everyones social distancing and lack of sports. I’ve heard rumors of this trade happening before but never heard 100% confirmation until todays tweet.

Hearing news like this flat out sucks. I might be in the minority but I’d rather not hear of these stories than try to imagine, what if. Oh that smoking hot girl at the bar was in to me? Cool, I’ll just go fuck myself.

Not only would this have been a slam dunk move for the Sixers, this also would have been one of the biggest fleece jobs in NBA history. McGrady AND a 1st rounder for the 8th overall pick of the 98′ draft, Larry Hughes. Hughes never amounted to much in the NBA outside of playing for half a dozen different teams. Hughes didn’t even last 2 full seasons on the Sixers.

It was hard being a 90’s baby and not falling in love with both Iverson and McGrady. Us Philly kids got lucky that one of those players also happened to be on the hometown team and as good as the 2001 Lakers team was, you can NOT convince me that the series wouldn’t have gone dramatically different if McGrady and Iverson made up the Sixers backcourt.

Shaq and Kobe still would have had their string of championships but there is a solid chance that McGrady and Iverson could have at least stopped them from winning 3 in a row.

Shoutout @TrevRichHD for finding this gem of a graphic on twitter and getting a response out of the GOAT.

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