Anyone who’s followed baseball for any amount of time is aware how well the ball travels in Colorado at Coors Field due to the high elevation and thin air. It got so bad to the point that the Rockies organization installed a humidor in the early 2000s to store the game balls to prevent them from drying up and carrying further.

The idea was genius and worked. From 1995-2001 the Rockies rotation posted an atrocious 6.50 ERA, an impressive 2 runs above league average. Since the humidor was installed prior to the 2002 season, the Rockies rotation has lowered their team ERA to a still bad 5.46 ERA, but improvement nonetheless.

Anyway, while scrolling through Twitter this morning I saw a tweet from Athletic writer, Fabian Ardaya. It highlighted Baseball Reference’s ability to adjust a players career to a different run-scoring environment – like the 2000 Rockies or 1968 Dodgers. As Ardaya highlighted, Pujols and Trout with just silly video game number like seasons.

Pujols is already considered one of the best players to ever play the game and even with his lack of production since leaving St. Louis after securing a fucking bag from the Angels, his numbers still go to a stupid level. 2 seasons of batting over .400, 829 career homeruns and a ridiculous 4000+ RBIs.

You can do this for any big leaguer to ever have an at bat in the majors. From Rhys Hoskins to Lou Gehrig. Speaking of Gehrig, the guy who already hit in 185 guys in one season in real life, would have hit in 247 in said season. TWO FUCKING HUNDRED AND FORTY FUCKING SEVEN. also a career 1.181 OPS is just fucking stupid.

You get the point so I’m not gonna go through the all of Cooperstown so i’ll leave ya with a hometown hero, Mike Schmidt. The best Phillie of all time would have had a 162 avg of 47 dingers and 159 RBIs, and a nice 130 free passes a year; finishing with a career .319/.441/.630 stat line.

As a parting gift, i’ll give everyone idiot proof instructions on how to adjust your favorite players career. On laptop – go to the player you wants baseball reference page. Under the players overview, click on advanced batting and scroll down to “neutralized batting.” you’ll then see the link to “adjust to different run-scoring environments.” On phone – go to the players reference page and under more pages click on “advanced stats” in the batting fingers & advanced stats section. Scroll down to neutralized batting.

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