God’s work is being done on Instagram Live over the next couple days, and it’s in the form of a celebrity beer pong tournament for charity. Here’s an explanation from tournament founder, resident beer-drinker and general partyer, Posty.

When I first heard about this, I was like “eh okay, sounds cool.” But then I started watching it tonight and was completely captivated. Seeing country music stars Morgan Wallen and Hardy take down Dana “Fraud” B and Marty Mush in a 2OT best-of-three series had me on the edge of my seat. Without sports, this level of competition, jaw-jacking and burning Zillion Beers merch is exactly what I needed right now.

As I sit here writing this on my laptop, Kane Brown and the artist formerly known as Mike Stud are shooting the shit on IG live on my phone and its fucking awesome.

To make it better, some books even have lines and Barstool is running a sweet bracket challenge where the winner takes home $1,000 cash. In a March Madness-deprived country, we needed something to wet our whistles, so why not watch to see which celebrities party or not.

I mean just look at that bracket…there’s people from every corner of the entertainment industry and they’re all pals so it’s really cool to watch.

With some heavy hitters like Johnny Manziel, Travis Kelce and Gronk already eliminated it’s truly anyone’s game. But my bet is on Morgan Wallen and Hardy to take home the ship over MIKE. Anyone who cares to disagree, feel free to give me a rationale on Twitter @Jake_From_SFarm.

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