As we all well know, sports are cuncelled, or rather, suspended. Well, lame sports that is, because I have found the one sport I’m actually good at gambling on, and is also playing at this moment. Of course I’m talking about the Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis League. Over the past 2 nights I am 7-1 with my only loss being on a huge underdog with a hilarious name (Oleg Nikiforov) for a profit of about $398.44. How have you become so successful Oh Wise One? Well besides my massive brain and far superior intellect, betting on Russian ping pong is actually incredibly simple. I’ll break it down for all the simpletons out there.

Step 1 : Check and see if your book carries Table Tennis, if not well I’m sorry but your free money train stops here

Step 2: Open up another tab to – (don’t ask how i found this website, i am not proud)

Step 3: Look for matches that matchup with the ones you have on your book, preferably favorites around -120, -130

Step 4: When you find a match you like, find the same match on the website, click view, and click history. It gives you the 2 players entire history against eachother and against the rest of the field. My strategy is to find massive mismatches (a record of 6-1 or better have been all my winners) and place a bet on those. The juice is pretty solid actually because, well I don’t actually know but is just is ok?

Step 5: After I’ve made more money for you than Donny’s stimulus check, give me and the basement a follow on twitter (@jackwytaske /// @bookiesbasement)

And since I know none of you fucks will actually do all this work here are my picks for overnight:

EDIT: The Juice seems to have been fixed so profit will be less, but still winners

9:30pm: Artem Aronov -120 over Andrey Menshikov

8:30pm: Vasily Shirshov -180 over Andrey Menshikov

I also like U44.5 in the Bengals vs. Browns Madden Sim if your book has it, starts at 7pm tonight (4/6)

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