This news kinda ruined my day. As a massive gamer myself, I’ve always bought both consoles going back the past few generations. I had a PS2 before I had an Xbox but I’ve had a 360 and One before the PS4 and PS5 so it’s pretty easy to say I am a Microsoft “fanboy.” However, that term is starting to become extinct as the era of exclusives is starting to die down and crossplay capability is becoming more and more popular with each game released.

The only advantage I ever saw with Playstation was the controller. The Dualshock controller for both PS3 and PS4 was a brilliant comfortable design. Well, it looks like those days are over because the first final design for the Dualshock 5 was released today and I’m honestly blown away that there’s actually someone out there that thinks this is a nice controller.

It honestly looks like the Xbox One controller and Dualshock 4 had a baby. I just cant get on board with the curved and rounded design. Knowing Sony however, the Dualshock 4 will most likely be compatible with the PS5 out of the box, and if thats the case just spend your Coronavirus stimulus check from the Donald on a Scuf.

I’m also surprised no addition of rear bumpers or a new design breakthrough. Microsoft seems to have hit a homerun on their Elite controller and it would be great in the console rivalry for Playstation to make the added features on the Elite controller standard for the Dualshock 5; who gives a fuck about price per unit when you’re guaranteed to sell over 100,000 units.

Shoutout William D’Angelo from VGChartz for the update console war graphic
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