In order to keep my brain from thinking about the possibility of not having football this fall, I will be doing short write-ups on the top 10 incoming recruits for college football per 247 Sports. Today, we start with #10, DJ Uiagalelei.

To leadoff, DJ’s last name is an absolute mouthful and I will make 0 effort to type it out (took me 7 times to type it correctly in the title) over and over again. Hence, I will refer to him as DJ and it has been noted in the Mookie Journal that he is in dire need of a nickname.


Per 247 Sports

DJ is the #1 Pro Style QB coming into CFB this year weighing in at 6’4.5 246 POUNDS. Can you say Meat Stick? Oh, and he can move. On top of throwing for 4,225 yards, 48 TD’s and only 2 picks, he rushed for 400+ and scored 8 TD’s on the ground his senior season. This isn’t your typical incoming college football QB prospect, this guy is a new breed. For reference, Chase Young entered into college football at 6’5 251…SCARY.

I’ll let his play do some of the talking now.

Football. Porn. DJ was slinging lasers and making opposing defenders look like children all year long while leading Saint John Bosco to a National Title. This kid has the skill and build, but 247 Sports has led us wrong before. In 2016 Shea Patterson came in as the #1 overall Pro Style QB, and in 2015 Josh Rosen and Jarett Stidham were both ranked ahead of Kyler Murray. As much as I’d like to pencil DJ in as a future Heisman and Collegiate National Championship Winner, there is no such thing as a sure thing in college football.


Ahhh, Clemson. They play no one, except somehow they’ve won 2 national titles in the past 4 years. Go figure, the ACC is weak. In reference to DJ, there is a 99% chance he rides the pine all season long behind Trevor Lawrence, which isn’t a bad thing for his development. A year long course on “How to be a National Championship QB” taught by Lawrence is probably the most useful class DJ will take during his time at Clemson. Yet, will DJ “Trevor Lawrence” Trevor Lawrence? I’m not sure if the tweet below is credible, but based on Dabo Swinney’s past with QB’s, he isn’t loyal to anyone.

DJ actually retweeted this. Kid’s hungry.

QB controversy? Probably not, but regardless I’m amped to see DJ play mop-up against the likes of Akron or Georgia Tech if he can beat out Taisun Phommachanh (what a name) for the backup spot.

Instagram Flex

Today’s recruiting world is wildly different than it was 5 years ago, and even more insane if you compare it to 10-20 years ago. Kids today, including DJ, are using Instagram and Twitter to market themselves as gods among men. I mean seriously, these top recruits have had professional camera men around them since they got their first pube. Imagine if Brian Bosworth has an Instagram in the 80’s?? I can’t even fathom the content he would’ve put into the world. Anyway, let’s evaluate DJ’s Instagram swag.

Ok, a tad cocky.
Get that fit off, king.
Necessary post about the grind.

DJ’s Insta swag is a cool 10/10, and he’s doing an amazing job at marketing himself as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. As an upcoming mega-star with 111k Insta followers already, it’s hard to fault him for posting professionally taken pictures with motivational captions. It’s kind of the norm now. It’ll be interesting to see how the social media profiles of the rest of the top 10 compare.

In Summary

I’m expecting gigantic things from DJ during his time at Clemson. Whether we see him on the field this year or next remains to be seen, but from what I can gather he has massive hype around him and for good reason. With his built-in-a-lab physical attributes, tier 1 social media game, and potential setup at Clemson, he is bound to be chucking the pig skin around on Sundays a few years from now.

Best of luck to DJ as he continues his journey into football greatness, he just gained a fan boy in @TheMookieBets on Twitter. You best believe I’ll be placing a Heisman future on him one day, no brainer. God bless, and I’ll be back shortly for the #9 overall incoming prospect, Paris Johnson Jr.

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