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Today’s Moment? The birth of Mr. October

Growing up as a Phillies fan, I didn’t like the Yankees because of how good they were. I don’t know anyone from my area who could like the Yankees unless you were born with absolutely no backbone. Once the 09’ World Series came around I began to hate the Yankees even more.

However, as much as the Yankees get me upset when they win 100 plus games and then go sign the best pitcher in baseball for 300 million, baseball is better when the Yankees are rolling; you simply cant dispute that. I took a series prop on the Yanks almost every time they played at home last ywar (unless it was a weekend series against the Tigers or O’s and I’d have to lay an arm and a leg in juice just to win $100 bucks.) The Yankees have not lost a home series in over a full season FWIW.

So let me take ya back to 1977. The Yankees had not won the World Series since 1962. Fifteen seasons doesn’t sound like much, but up until that point, that was the longest the Yankees have gone in between titles since their first title in 1923.

October 18th, game 6 of the World Series between the Dodgers and Yankees. With the Yankees leading the series 3-2, if the Yankees could win they’d be back on top after a long 15 year drought.

Although you still need some pitchers and 8 other fielders to play the game of baseball, Reggie Jackson could have shown up by himself and still won the series for the Yanks. After walking in his first at-bat, Jackson would go on to hit not one, not two, but three homeruns. Even more impressive, on 3 pitches! At what point in the offseason did all of them start to think, why the fuck did we throw him 3 strikes in a row?!

Not only did Reggie Jackson, who would then be referred to as “Mr. October” for the rest of his life, help carry his team to winning the World Series, but he also joined Babe Ruth as the only player to ever homer 3 times in a World Series game. (Ruth did it twice LOL)

Jackson couldn’t have been more humble either. The 3 dingers he hit in game 6 took him up 5 homeruns during the world series alone, an unreal feat that is yet to be surpassed by anyone in baseball. When asked about the situation, Jackson simply uttered, “Ruth was great. I’m just lucky.”

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