So the Bucs and Falcons released new uniforms this week, and after seeing the Falcons new uni’s… it got me thinking, what are the top 10 worst uniforms in NFL history? I came up with a list and decided to write a few words on it. Let’s get rolling.


Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil New Uniforms | Chris Creamer's ...

If it wasn’t for the jerseys, this would be higher on the list, but there is absolutely no room for those helmets in the National Football League. This is the big leagues, and for a few years the Jags looked like a Pac-12 team… and their play backed it up. 


The Browns Already Hate Their New Uniforms, Will Probably Have New ...

I think the Browns announced they are getting new uni’s for the upcoming season and I’m sure a lot of Browns fans are relieved… except for the fact that this is one of the biggest jokes of a franchise in pro sports history. I wouldn’t get too excited Browns fans. Let’s hope they are at least better than whatever the fuck this was.


Steelers Rock the League Once Again By Rocking the Bumblebee Unis ...

I am not a fan of bumble bees and even if I was, I’d still hate these jerseys. Maybe they wore these in an attempt to put fear in their opponent that a large 250 pound bee was running full speed trying to sting them. Regardless of the strategy, wearing these uni’s on national television was a bold move Cotton. 


Did Nike Hint at Return of Red Giants Jerseys?

These uni’s take me back to a time where my Eagles would enter the old Meadowlands and whoop the ass of Eli and the boys. There is nothing worse than receiving an ass-whooping and looking bad doing it. As an Eagles fan, it was sad to see these puppies go.  


Twitter Had Some Funny Reactions to the Seattle Seahawks' Uniforms ...

I mean, like, c’mon now. 


nation of eagles on Twitter: "I'll be disappointed if the @Eagles ...

Pains me to say this but uni’s like this are partially the reason the Eagles never won a Super Bowl to that point. Could you imagine a team receiving the Lombardi wearing these pieces of shit? Thankfully, this green-on-green combo didn’t last long. Think they were only worn once or twice, but regardless the city of Philadelphia deserved better than having to watch their team wear a midnight green groutfit when they went to war on the gridiron. Anyways, Go Birds! 


The Worst Uniforms in the History of Every NFL Team | Bleacher ...

Hey! The Browns show up twice on a list nobody wants to be on! What a shock! Like I get that their team name is arguably the ugliest color in the history of colors, but you can’t trick us by wearing all orange. I mean your team name literally means shit, so goddamnit wear shit colors! I still don’t understand why their helmet remains orange. You are the Browns! If they were smart they would just start over with a new name, logo, and colors. Like the Browns are household name when it comes to historically bad franchises and they call themselves the Browns??? It unfortunately makes sense. 


Rest in peace, Bucs uniforms. Or maybe that should be in pieces.

I don’t know what I hated worse, their stupid chrome helmets or their digital clock numbers. We aren’t in the year 3000 yet (shout out Jonas Brothers), so stop trying so hard. Watching the Bucs play a team like the Packers wearing these wannable futuristic pieces of shit uni’s should be a crime to all football guys across the US. Thank God they got rid of them when TB12 came to town. There may be hope after all.


Packers to Keep Throwback Uniforms with Alterations - Acme Packing ...

I get that the Packers are a historic franchise with many traditions, but some traditions are better off forgotten. When the Packers wore these uni’s back in the 1800s, those brown helmets were leather. They should have remained that way. They don’t even match their blue pinny for crying out loud! Brown, blue, and yellow is one hell of a trio. They should have donated the helmets to the Browns if we’re being honest. 


Ranking the Chicago Bears best recent jersey combinations

Aaaaand congratulations to the Chicago Bears for taking home 1st place! I bet you couldn’t have even guessed what team these belonged to. I’d love to know what the owner was thinking when he was presented with these back in the day. Like there’s no way he saw these and said, “Yup, these are it. These are the uniforms my football team will wear on Sunday’s.” I don’t care how long ago these were worn, this doesn’t look anything other than repulsive in any era. Something doesn’t sit right with me here. I bet if we dug up some dirt on these uniforms we could find some interesting details. Something to think about.

Alright that’s a wrap. Follow me on twitter @unktweets69 and feel free to give your input on this list. I love a healthy debate! I’m out.