It’s been 33 days without sports. It’s been a struggle for all of us. As addicted as I am to warzone, grinding out season 3 of Modern Warfare and collecting diamonds in The Show, you have to break it up every now and then with some movies or TV binging.

With that thought in mind, I decided to rewatch Entourage for probably the 5th or 6th time. I knew it was bound to happen, but I immediately got a “this show sucks” out of my girlfriend and I just said it gets better the more ya watch. Although she mentally checked out after that, I continued to watch every now and then when she wasn’t paying attention to the TV. I told her it would get better by the 3rd season. Apparently I was right because now she’s hooked and we try to bang out 4-5 episodes a day.

Towards the end of 3B, the old lady had a genius idea of trying to find a drinking game. After a couple of google searches and adding in a few rules of my own; I give you the definitive Entourage drinking game:

1 sip category

  • Drama says the word “bro”
  • Drama gets clowned about his career
  • Turtle gets his balls busted about his weight
  • The guys talk about fucking
  • Someone is fucking
  • Ari makes ya laugh
  • Vince gets eyefucked
  • A real celebrity is mentioned

2 sip category

  • Someone is smoking weed, smoke as well
  • Ari throws something at someone
  • Turtle isn’t wearing a hat
  • Someone hangs up on someone (noticeable)
  • A real movie is mentioned (unless mentioned because of real actor if ya already took a sip)

3 sip category

  • Any celebrity cameo
  • A movie scene with Vince
  • Anytime Turtle breaks out a new Jersey
  • Drama mentions being on a real TV show
  • Billy Walsh makes ya laugh
  • Any jokes about Vince and Drama not being related
  • The gang does a shot

Safe drinking fam. (I strongly recommend not playing this before 5pm)

Ernie El's