In order to keep my brain from thinking about the possibility of not having football this fall, I will be doing short write-ups on the top 10 incoming recruits for college football per 247 Sports. Today, we are looking at #9, Paris Johnson Jr. (PJJ for short)


Paris Johnson Jr. is the #1 overall Offensive Tackle coming into college football this year weighing in at 6’7 290. Bro, what???? That is an absurdly large human that should make one helluva left tackle. Oh, and he’s going to Ohio State to ensure nobody lays a finger on Justin Fields.

Here’s what his Ex-High School football coach at Saint Xavier had to say about him as a Sophomore.

“God created the left tackle. He did it in the vision of Paris Johnson.” That’s an all time quote right there.

HC at Saint Xavier, Steven Specht, couldn’t be more genuine and more spot-on about Paris. He was BORN to protect the quarterback. He was BORN to fling defensive ends to the ground like dirty laundry. You don’t become 6’7 290 on accident, Paris Johnson Jr. was destined to become a dominant left tackle. Not only does he have the physical attributes, this dude is mean and he is all-in on bullying defenders until they have nothing left in the tank.


Just from a 40 second clip you can see that Paris plays with an attitude and toughness that is rare in today’s football world. This dude takes no prisoners. If you are in his way, be prepared for a one way ticket to destruction.

Ohio State 

THE Ohio State University breeds NFL players like Joe Exotic and his tigers. They recruit the best talent in the country, and in-turn, pump them out into the NFL as Purebred-Buckeye-beasts. Current OSU alumni (OL) in the NFL include Taylor Decker, Billy Price, Jack Mewhort, and Andrew Norwell. On a historic level, NFL greats such as Orlando Pace and Nick Mangold have attended OSU and had long successful careers. 

As for Paris, he will have competition at Left Tackle as soon as he steps on campus. Thayer Munford (6’6, 315 pounds, Sr.) is returning to OSU as the most experienced offensive lineman in the BIG10, which means we probably won’t see much of Paris on the field this year. Yet, learning from Munford, who was a big part of JK Dobbins’ success, will only groom Paris Johnson Jr. into an elite LT.

Instagram Flex

As noted in my previous recruit blog, some of the top prospect’s Instagrams are preposterously cocky. However, I am pleased to report that PJJ is the perfect mix of “Humble” and “Come too close to me and I’ll annihilate you.”

“I will annihilate you”

Big man on campus.

Clocking in at 78k followers and 7 total posts, PJJ seems to have a level-head on his shoulders. My favorite part about his Instagram is “Chef Paris” which can be seen on his story highlights. Per the highlights, PJJ has been cooking up some bomb meals in the newly renovated OSU football facility. Paris, if you’re reading this, I want some of that Lemon Pepper Salmon. 


Off the field, Paris was recognized as the All-American Bowl Man of The Year for having “a high standard of excellence in community service and athletic distinction.” Having put in over 1,000+ hours of community service for under-served students, PJJ is a class-act and not just a football player. 

In summary, PJJ is a mammoth and I wouldn’t be surprised if Goodell is calling his name on the first day of the 2023 draft. Paris is bound to be a great football player and an even better man, and I @TheMookieBets on Twitter, am now a fan. Best of luck to Paris on his journey to the league, there are big things brewing in Buckeye Country. 


Mookie Bets