If there is anything we call all agree on it’s that nobody is loving this coronavirus more than the Houston Astros. It was only a week or two before all this corona bullshit hit the fan and shutdown all major sports. In the absence of sports, many teams and players are trying to come up with cool ways of keeping us all entertained. Your boy doesn’t have cable but I believe many of the local sports networks are airing classic games, as well as MLB big leaguers playing each other in MLB The Show. None of it fills the void but it makes it easier for sure.

Call me “that guy” but I am totally out on the Zoom craze. I don’t give a fuck about seeing my friends faces. I’ve been boys with my close pals for over 20 years. We don’t say nice shit to each other and the only thing we miss is crushing a couple cold ones together. I also cant stand a good bit of my family so don’t even think of inviting me to a family happy hour. Fuck that noise.

One thing about zoom I can get behind is teams coming together to shoot the shit and rewatch some old games or play some video games together, unless you’re that NASCAR dude dropping N bombs, totally out on that guy. Late last night a bunch of 2019 Nats got together and were watching game 7? too lazy to fact check that. It really is cool to see the human side of big leaguers and get to see how they joke around and bust each others balls.

During all the ball busting was Brian Dozier banging on a trashcan during one of Juan Soto’s at bats. Although the Astros claim to not be cheating during the 2019 season and playoffs and I believe them, (not that my opinion matters for anything) the jokes are shots are stilly funny as hell and I’m totally here for all of them once MLB returns.

Me and my pal bet on the Astros a ton since 2017 and they’ve been as solid as a bet as you can find in Major League Baseball. With that being said, what the Astros did was downright disgusting and should never be forgotten in the game of baseball. Sign stealing is one thing, if you’re too lazy to have your signs stolen with the naked eye, you have no ground to stand on. But rigging up a camera in the outfield and relaying the signs and then banging on a trashcan is so fucking slimy and downright ugly. Fuck the Astros but also fuck the Nats. Brian Dozier is pretty cool tho, especially now that he is a Padre (if we ever have baseball again.)

Shoutout PattyicSZN for the great content.

Ernie El's