Before I assault you with blogs over the next few days I want to prepare you for what is about to happen.

When sports were wiped from this planet a few weeks ago I was in the advantageous position of being a mega nerd. Myself and my two friends I regularly bet with have each played League of Legends for almost a decade (that is one of the least cool things I’ve ever said/typed). We merely took all the money we bet on real sports and started wagering it on League of Legends. While we’ve bet on esports here and there before, all three of us were surprised by how well we’ve done for ourselves over the last few weeks. Of course everything I’ve won I’ve since lost on Russian, Turkish, Brazilian, and South American League of Legends Leagues but the main three leagues (NA Academy, LCS, and LEC) we bet on have been profitable. Hence why you will only see me blog about those three leagues.

I got introduced to The Bookie’s Basement through Harry Mac’s XFL (RIP) Primers. Mainly our interactions with each other consisted of me laughing at him for losing money betting against my beloved Seattle Dragons. When I saw the guy who had lost so much money betting against the Dragons had an itch he needed scratched, I DMed him some of the League of Legends plays I was on. We did alright, 3-2 with a +199 winner in there (good job me). Next thing I know Harry Mac is asking me if I’d like to write League of Legends Blogs during quarantine so here I am.

I’m not sure how long this quarantine will last or when traditional sports leagues will be back. However, the three main League of Legends leagues I bet on are finishing up their playoffs this weekend. I have no expectation that I will be of use to the blog after this weekend but what I do know is I will have real life bets to bring to you the next three days.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 11.22.30 AM

Harry Mac’s XFL (RIP) Primer’s are what brought me to this site so my goal is to essentially create a League of Legends version of those. Unfortunately for me, football is a universally understood sport where League of Legends is quite complicated to explain. So I’m not even going to attempt to explain it. I’ll give you what you need to know in order to place your winning bets.

That said, one of the unique aspects of a playoff series in League of Legends is that they run it back instantly. Which ultimately means there is an advantage to live betting each individual map. So my primer won’t have all the plays. If you want in on live plays follow me on twitter (@BigDurham).

Lastly, the esports division of offshore books are usually run by chimpanzees who aren’t timely about posting lines. I’ll be closely monitoring when lines are posted and get a blog out as soon as possible.

Let’s print money.