Whats poppin…

This is pani here, and on behalf of Ang (danny/don/whatever the hell he’s going by) and I we are hyped up to be apart of the squad. I figured I’d write a little ditty here, to add a little background on us and tell you guys what kind of content to expect from us.

For the past 2 weeks or so I’ve rolled out of bed around 1pm, crushed 2 meaningless cups of coffee before I hit the Fifa lobby so I can get dusted by some kids, drank some boxed wine all day, and thought of content ideas for our new podcast, Grammy’s Gravy.  We’ve done 3 episodes so far, about an hour each. We’ve probably recorded 6 or 7 episodes that were personally deemed ineligible to post to the public. As far as what you can expect from listening, it depends on the day. 

You can check out our first three eps, as well as future ones, Here

Sometimes we’re trying to figure out if Ang can eat 40 shrimp as he so confidently and thoughtlessly proclaimed. Other times Ang is too..lets say disoriented.. to answer my questions or hypotheticals and is literally eating shrimp.

Regardless, we’re generally just a goofball-centric pod that attempts to have some resemblance of structure through a faux theme of movies and eats. We don’t take ourselves seriously at all when it comes to movies. We hope that our show just sounds like a normal convo you would have with some fellow bulls. 

As for me, I’ll be graduating in a few weeks in my underwear. I’m a big J and comm student, but I disgraced myself and my family name by violating a journalist’s code of ethics at the school newspaper. Writing about the shortage of water fountains and how cafeteria workers were on strike didn’t necessarily peak my journalistic interest anyway.

Additionally, I was the back-up kicker for my high school football team and was promised some game-time tic but never got it. I also sleep in two twin beds pushed together that I call the “megabed” so take that as you will (gotta watch out for crevice in between them.) You could say I have something to prove.

Ang wanted me to mention that he’s…. “A filmmaker, skilled editor, both in writing and video, screenwriter, actor, and he thrives as a comedian making video content.” He also mentioned that he’s “dope at photoshop” and once again, reinstated that he’s a “film and english double major.”  He’s probably the funniest guy I know so treat him like the sweet prince that he is. If it sounds like he’s acting like a complete douche, there’s a 99% chance he’s running a bit on you. 

Here he is teaching the kids out there.

He’s about to graduate too and he’s delco drippin. We’ve been boys since freshman year of high school so the connection is natural. 

We’re still new to the world so we’re trying to navigate, but believe me, we’ve been about that content game- and always looking for creative ventures. We’re also both looking to do some writing as well whenever we can. For now, shouts to Bookies’ Basement and long live Grammy’s Gravy.