I’m not a huge music guy but when something catches my ear I can’t stop listening. Hence, I heard my first Alexander Charles song 2 years ago and haven’t stopped streaming his music since. Not only is he a local-philly-rapper, Al is a friend of the program and made an appearance on The M Word Pod 2 football seasons ago. What fascinates me about Al is that he’s insanely creative and musically gifted, yet he’s also one of the boys and has been around the block once or twice when it comes to picking spreads. A rare combination to say the least.

Charles has been working on his new album, Fortune Cookies, for a while now and just dropped his first single from it today, All I Know. I normally don’t post about music, but this single took my mind out of quarantine and onto a beach in Mexico with an iced cold Corona in my hand and a fat spliff in my mouth. Go stream it and show some love, you won’t regret it.

Also, checkout the video he posted on his Instagram below. I’ve listened to this (freestyle?) everyday this week at least twice a day.


Mookie Bets