Evil Geniuses Academy vs Cloud 9 Academy



First on the docket is a match up between bush league behemoths. Yes, we’re betting on the spring season finals of the development league for League Championship Series (LCS) or North America’s League of Legends league. I’m excited for those who are new to League of Legends.

Top tier League of Legends is often object focused. They find a small opening early game that gives them a slight advantage, play safe while they slowly grow that lead, and ultimately suffocate the opponent. There is little action and its quite frankly boring to watch, but EG.A and C9.A fucking slay. The NA Academy, as a league, averaged 26 kills/game this season. In the playoffs these two teams have a combined average of 32.5 kills/game. An objective based play style is simply nuanced and harder for new viewers to follow, kills aren’t. This should be Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns levels of electric. Buckle up.

I was eyeing o/u kills, first tower, and first dragon plays however BetOnline and Bovada are offering neither at the time of posting. I’ll post more plays if that changes. Things like this are par for the course with minor league League of Legends.

1U EG.A +1.5 Maps (-105)

These teams are both in incredible form. EG.A has won 12 of their last 15 games while C9.A has won 14 of their last 15 games. Neither is going to be an easy out. Furthermore, their brawling play style leads to a lot of volatility. The more fights, the more chance the losing team has to get back in it. I don’t see either team winning this series in clean fashion, for that reason we’re taking the points (maps in this case).

1U EG.A o11.5 Kills Map 1 (-111)

1U EG.A o11.5 Kills Map 2 (-114)

I was looking forward to hammering the over on total kills but the books aren’t giving the people what they want! If they aren’t going to give us the o/u on total kills then we’ll print money on the over for EG.A’s kill total. The combined kill total for these teams is 28 and as I mentioned they have a combined average of 32.5 kills in the playoffs. I’m expecting more kills than the books are. Plus the lower threshold is more viable to hit even if EG.A lose where as taking o15.5 on C9.A is a lot less likely to hit if C9.A lose. We’re not going past the first two maps because I find it to be too much exposure.

With limited bets there isn’t as much juice in this match as I’d hoped for. If more offerings become available I’ll let the people know. Follow me on Twitter (@BigDurham) for live plays.

Lets print money.