The full bet list isn’t available for the LCS Final yet and I don’t want that to inhibit getting my LEC Final blog out. So it looks like I’m doing two blogs today.

League of Legends Record: 5-8 (-7.05 U)

The curse of the two unit play! Yikes, a red hot start to the day ends in disaster as EG loses all three 2U plays. I TRUSTED YOU, EG! I could’ve swore I was seeing the board so well yesterday, maybe that was just the Bud Light.

I’m not going to be a complete and utter mush by trying to chase my money. Instead I’m going to adjust the algorithm (a.k.a. the thoughts in my brain) and take a more reserved approach today.

G2 Esports vs Fnatic



1U u31.5 Map 1 (-108)

Fnatic is a slightly above average team in total kills per game. The had LEC an average of 25 kills a game and Fnatic averaged 28. In the first game of their previous playoff series the kill totals reached 15 and 12 kills. Furthermore, in their most recent match up in week seven these two teams combined for 17 total kills. Kills wise, I expect the series to open as it goes on but game one these two teams will be taking it slow and looking to snowball.

I’ll follow live lines as well but this is the only play I found an edge on right now. I’m in the business of printing money, not chasing it.