The Bookies Basement is a modest company. We aren’t big J’s like ESPN or Barstool, yes Barstool is big J now, but not The Bookies Basement. We ride for the underdogs, the David’s who have to square off against Goliath, and of course, The Bookies Basement rides for our guy, first recurring guest, and Miami OH defensive star and potential NFL Draft pick, Doug Costin.

Doug, whose film at Miami OH made him a stand-out in the MAC, has been training in Indianapolis with 14 year NFL veteran, 5x Pro Bowler, and Super Bowl champion Robert Mathis, which has been an experience Costin has relished.

 My experience with Robert is probably the best part of the draft process for me. Getting to learn from a guy like that who’s so respected in the league was huge for me, both professionally and personally.

– Costin on his time training with Robert Mathis

Robert Mathis leads the NFL in forced fumbles…Robert Mathis was an absolute animal in his day, so if he’s taking time to work with Doug, you know he’s a player. Doug is a smart kid as well with a strong love for correct grammar, so he’s been a sponge during his time with Mathis.

I haven’t talked to fellow insider Mel Kiper, but I’d imagine this is what he’d say about Costin (read in Mel Kiper voice)

This guy is a steal in the late rounds, or more likely, a big post draft signing for a team looking for an athletic D-lineman. Played 3 years of varsity basketball, raised right, parents are teachers and his dad’s a coach. Doug Costin will be a great signing once the draft is done.

-Mel Kiper (allegedly)

According to inside sources, teams most interested in Costin include Atlanta, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and the Kansas City Chiefs among others, but Costin will suit up the pads in any NFL city.

But regardless of where Doug lands, The Bookies Basement fully supports our guy, first recurring guest, and MAC legend, Doug Costin. Best of luck!