Today I witnessed something these eyes have never witnessed before. Da Spawts Pope, Mike Francesca, has waved the white flag and surrendered to Funhouse. For the uninitiated, Mike is a New York sports radio legend, and Funhouse is, to put it simply, a guy who hates Mike and has made a career off posting embarrassing and idiotic clips of Da Spawts Pope. A few weeks ago, Mike went on a big anti-Trump rant and was BIG mad when Funhouse posted the clip, as he does, and it went super viral. See, Mike and the Don are pals, and Mike knows better than anyone that not a single soul who actually cares about sports is listening to him queef out of his mouth on everyday. Not a single soul except Funhouse, our all seeing, omnipotent protector. So when that clip gained a ton of traction, Da Zaun decided he was taking his ball and going home. Real mature Mike.

Now, like Funhouse noted above, Mike forgot one critical piece of the puzzle. When you say Mike Francesca to the average sports consumer not from New York these days, you’re likely to be greeted by some form of this response:

As such, Mike and Entercom have officially laid down their cease and desist orders and surrendered.

Just pure and utter domination like you see in the papers. It’s honestly kinda sad, growing up Mike and The Mad Dog was basically the pinnacle of sports radio in the biggest market on Earth and that’s definitely nothing to balk at. However as Francesca has grown older, lazier, more arrogant, and more out of touch, the product has reflected it. I mean for fuck’s sake the guy has retired and unretired more times than Favre. Make a decision and dig your heels in and refuse to change your mind no matter what like a real man one time for me Mike.

Either way, I’m just happy we’ll get Funhouse clips bach in our life because lord knows I’m not tuning into Mike’s On anytime soon and at the end of the day don’t we all just wanna laugh at a senile old struggling to adjust to the world around him?

Thought so. Enjoy the draft tonight everyone. Picks posted on twitter @harry__mac