The global pandemic has forced degenerates around the world to fall back on the most obscure sports in order to scratch their betting itch. With the leagues in my main betting esport, League of Legends, finishing up spring seasons I have some time on my hands. So I thought, what are the esport versions of Russian Table Tennis and Belarusian Soccer?

What I found was a pair of unnecessarily confusing games, Honor of Kings (For some reason it’s known as King of Glory) and Arena of Valor. Honor of Kings is a Chinese mobile version of League of Legends. Game play wise, Arena of Valor is the exact same  as King of Glory except Tencent (owner of these two games) changed the characters in an attempt to appeal to westerners (They failed and it’s only popular in Asia). For all intents and purposes these are the same games but they each have their own pro leagues.

Betting on people in Asia playing iPhone games at 1:00 am is a total degenerate experience I can’t pass up.

King of Glory

The top professional league is called King Pro League and it is based in China. There are 16 teams split into an Eastern and Western Conference and they play a single round robin season. We are joining in during Week 6 of a 10 week season. I’ve decided I’m a fan of QG Happy because it’s an absolutely ridiculous name.


All Gamers vs Royal Never Give Up | Saturday April 25th at 6:00 am EST

1U Royal Never Give Up ML (-130)

All Gamers just doesn’t have that strong of a resume. They’ve built a 6-2 record against bottom of the barrel teams and their two loses have come against the only two good teams they’ve played. I think Royal Never Give Up has proven themselves against better opponents so I trust their resume more. There’s a lot of juice on Royal Never Give Up -1.5 maps but they’ve played good teams close all season so were playing it safe on the money line. Depending on the book, Royal Never Give up may be referred to as Kappa.RNG.

eStar Pro vs Vici Gaming | Saturday April 25th at 8:00 am EST

1U Vici Gaming +1.5 maps (-130)

eStar is a -210 favorite despite only having won 3 matches so far this season. While Vici is 2-6, 4 of their 6 loses have have gone all 5 maps. They’re a hard beat against a relatively unproven eStar team. We’re taking the points (or maps in this case) and if you’re feeling dangerous feel free to put some on Vici ML.

Arena of Valor

The top league is the RoV Pro League based out of Thailand. Their double elimination playoffs are underway. Lines aren’t currently available for it, but I’ll let the people know if they become available closer to the matches. For now we are focusing on the Garena Challenger Series out of Taiwan which is a step below the RoV Pro League. They are heading into the final weekend of their regular season.


ONE Team vs Most Outstanding Player | Saturday April 25th at 1:00 am EST

1U Most Outstanding Player ML (+118)

ONE Team (ONE) is in a very interesting spot. They’ve already secured a playoff spot but they can’t improve their seed. Furthermore, they have a match up with one of their potential first round opponents, MAD Team, on Sunday. ONE has nothing to gain from the matches this weekend and essentially nothing to lose so I think they keep their cards close to their chest in order protect their strategy heading into playoffs. Plus Most Outstanding Player beat ONE three weeks ago. We’re taking the dogs.

Hong Kong Attitude vs Flash Wolves | Saturday April 25th at 4:00 am EST

2U Hong Kong Attitude ML (-196)

Both Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) and Flash Wolves (FW) have secured their sports in the playoffs. As the 1 seed HKA go directly to the finals and as the 2 seed FW go to the semis. Usually I stay away from the last week of matches where teams have already cemented their playoff sport. However that’s not in the spirit of this experiment plus I’m trying to get rich off Asian iPhone games. HKA shit pumped FW 3-0 in both of their previous meetings this season. I’m trusting HKA to still outclass FW even if both teams are hiding strategies for the playoffs.

*Betting on Asian mobile games is the most degenerate thing I’ve ever done. None of it’s streamed in English and it’s hard to even find information on these professional leagues that is printed in English. I have no expectation to get rich BUT scared money don’t make money. Let’s print money.