Jets fans, we can finally exhale. I know there are some louder, dumber portions of the fan base who wanted a WR and I promise you I get it. But you know when a stud wideout doesn’t make that much of a difference? When you have a bottom 5 offensive line in the league and your franchise quarterback is getting his shit kicked in week in and week out. But we got our guy, and you should be very very happy about it.

On top of the fact that it appears Mekhi Becton is genuinely thrilled to be here, who wouldn’t want a 6’7” 365lb HOG protecting their QB’s blindside? Oh and he runs a 5.1 40 at that size? Don’t mind if I do!

But, anyone can light up the combine. We all know looking good in shorts isn’t a good predictor of what a player will look like on a football field. But you know what is? A sub 1% pressure percentage allowed last year and some film of him absolutely ragdolling edge rushers and blowing guys off the ball in the run game as if they were crash test dummies.

Shoutout Joe Blewett for being a wizard with the film, give him a follow @Joerb31.

So, where do we go from here? Lucky for you I have all the answers today. Right here is where we go

If this is how the board breaks the Jets would walk away from day 2 of the draft with 4 legitimate starting caliber players at positions of need. Not to mention we throw Tyler Johnson and AJ Dillon in the next day? Good heavens, where’s my W2 Christopher Johnson?

Also, we went 6-9 +13.15 yesterday (all praise to Andrew Thomas) and you can follow me on twitter @harry__mac for more picks before tonight.

Good luck pals