Early on in this whole ridiculous process, I thought to myself “you know, maybe one positive to this whole thing is the tremendous amount of stupid we’ll be able to weed out”. Well, that’s a thought I regret ever having. After weeks of being inundated with brain poisoning stupidity on every platform and medium of media whose content I consume (other than The Basement of course) I have officially hit my stupidity threshold. I am at capacity and the only way to fix it is to lash out. So lash out I shall.

What causes me to hit maximum stupid capacity you ask? This mouth breathing moron from Ohio, that’s who.

Now you see, Ms. Strine decided to take advantage of some real cheap airfare and hop into a big tin can in the sky to get from JFK to Charlotte (a 10 hour drive, not great but I’ve done plenty worse). Where the story gets interesting is Ms. Strine appears to be utterly shocked and dismayed that an AIRLINE, the most greedy, awful, treat human beings as dollar signs instead of human beings industry on earth, isn’t adhering to social distancing and the plane is almost full. She whinges and whines about how unsafe she is all the while not realizing that she too is one of the idiots on the plane. How can a person do a thing like buying airline tickets and then be completely taken abach when other people do… the exact same thing?

Crazy times man. Crazy times. I’m glad I got that off my chest, I’m now one step further away from lashing out and doing irreparable damage to relationships with friends and family. Follow me on twitter @harry__mac and please refrain from sending me mind numbingly stupid internet people.