I’m not even gonna sit here and front like I’m not a sucker for reality love shows because I most certainly am.

When my roommates and I stumbled across the new Netflix series Too Hot To Handle, we put our pride down and went ahead and watched all eight episodes in one day shamelessly. This show is an absolute electric factory.

The premise is as follows: 10 of the hottest single people from the likes of the US, Australia, the UK and Canada who are addicted to one-night-stands and dating apps are all put in a private Mexican villa for the summer. They arrive under the impression that they’ll just be wheelin’ and dealin’ hookups the whole time.

Little do they know, there is an Amazon Alexa-like system called Lana that watches their every move. After 12 hours on the island, Lana puts a “sex-ban” in put in place for all the islanders. There is a prize allotted for the group of $100,000, but every time anyone hooks up, money gets taken away from the prize based on what they do. For example, stealing a kiss under the stars will cost the group $3,000.

The whole point is to get these people to form emotional connections instead of physical blah blah blah, but watching this group of guys in their 20s be around smokes in bathing suits 24/7 for a whole summer and not be allowed to hook up with them is absolutely hilarious.

Just to sell you on this even more, here’s some of the girls these dudes had to drool over all day:


Any other questions? No? Okay good.

Happy watching, and once you’re done binging it I’ll be available for any proper chat and banter on Twitter @Jake_From_SFarm 




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