Sports were fun, don’t you miss them? I miss them too. They were cool. Yet, there is still a way to get that sports fix in while every league is suspended. Do you like basketball? More specifically, do you like college basketball, corrupt coaches, semi-slimy dudes investing in high-school basketball players so that one day they would sign with their agency, AND the FBI? Then boy do I have the documentary for you.

The SchemeĀ on HBO GO is phenomenal. It’s a documentary based around the college basketball “Pay-For-Play” scheme that was exploited by the FBI in 2017. High-Level, the scheme was to have “agents” or “runners” recruit the best high school players in the country, provide funding to them and their family, funnel the players to college coaches that were involved, and in turn, hopefully these players would sign with the respective recruiter’s agency come draft time. Fascinating. Here is the trailer for the doc.

I 10/10 recommend sinking 2 hours of your life into this documentary in order to educate yourself on what’s happening in college sports. This doc exploits a small circle of corruption within an even relatively smaller selection of college basketball programs. Imagine what’s going on under the radar across the nation at the likes of Bama’s football program or Kentucky’s basketball program? Thousands, if not millions of dollars are spent each year under the table to fund operations like this, and if the NCAA wasn’t a bunch of cheap fucks, there would be no problem.

I got stoney bologna last night and couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen as the “center-piece” of the operation, Christian Dawkins, explained his involvement in the scheme from the time he was 17 years old managing an AAU team, to a few years later when he was negotiating DeAndre Ayton’s deal with Arizona. Like I said earlier, fascinating.

As of today, the NCAA is evaluating a rule change which will allow college players to make money off their likeness through advertisement deals. Fucking finally. I wonder if this doc had anything to do with it? Did they finally realize that we operate in a capitalistic economy? Or that they have been FULLY taking advantage of college athletes for the past 100 years? Either way, the NCAA needs to wakeup, and fast. The G-League and other developmental leagues are already stealing some of the top incoming talent in the 2021 recruiting class, so time is of the essence.

Watch the doc, trust me. Happy Quarantine.

Mookie Bets