Quarantine is making everyone a little nuts, but if you follow Colin Cowherd on Twitter, you know it’s made him reveal his true colors. Colin has revealed himself as a cat loving, alcoholic, internet troll kinda guy. Quite the conundrum.

colin 1st tweet

Ok, nothing wrong with a cocktail during the draft, Colin.

colin 2nd tweet

WOAH, but COLIN it’s not even Happy Hour yet!!! And you wan’t to move it up? Uh, hey Fox let’s take a look into our guy here.

colin 3rd

Now he’s just blatantly telling us he’s taking an entire bottle of vodka to the face by himself, and on a Monday no less! Not even drink cause it’s a birthday, just cause it’s a day that rolls around every week, yea all 52 of them. These are all red flags, but here is where we have to do or part as sports people; the cat tweets.

colin 4th

Sports people and cat people don’t mix well together. They mix just as good as a fork and an electric outlet. Now that I think of it, nothing will ever mix well with cat people.

colin 5th

Maybe cat people and the matching people can mix, gross.

However, Colin has upped his troll game quite considerably. It maybe a side effect of all that Vodka he slugged down, but nonetheless, he’s been on his A-Game. More ruthless than ever.

colin 6th

HAHAHAHA. Get burnt Whitlock. I have a better show and I’m funnier than you – Colin.

colin on baker bday

Classic Mayfield troll. Just expanding the real estate in the Browns QB’s mind.

colin on bernie

This is the last tweet but I could go on all day. Stick to sports? Nah, Colin doesn’t give a damn. He wasn’t feeling the Bern and let him have it. Regardless of your profession, the Herd is looking for blood.

Just wanted to let you know that we here at the Bookies Basement are worried about you, Colin. Stay safe….. and Joy with the news.