One of the things that really grinds my gears about this pandemic is that it robbed us of the opportunity to see Lamar Stevens become Penn State’s all time leading scorer. He was 7 points shy heading into the BIG10 tourney, and averaging 17.9 points a game, he was sure to eclipse Talor Battle’s record of 2,213 points. Like many college seniors around the country, Stevens was left with a need for closure, so it’s no surprise he has already declared for the NBA Draft. With no real position, and a shaky (at best) jumper, it’s pretty difficult to see where Stevens ends up for the start of his professional career. However, I think I’ve found 3 absolutely perfect teams for him, because what’s the fun in seeing what “experts” have to say about it when you know it all yourself?



  • Boston Celtics (Round 1, Pick 26 or 30 (via MIL)


If there’s anything we know about Danny Ainge, it’s that he FOR SURE beat the brakes off of Jordan in that golf match they played during the 1986 playoffs, and that he loves athletic, big-bodied wings. Standing at 6’8” 230 pounds, Lamar Stevens fits perfectly in this role. His potential defensively is sky-high – after playing a lot of stretch-ish Power Forward in college, Stevens has tremendous defensive skills in both the low post and perimeter. However, it would be wise to play him in limited minutes from the start, as he doesn’t really have a 3 point shot (27% career in college), and could really slow you down on the offensive end of the floor. Hence, why the Celtics are the best spot for Stevens right away. Boston can stick with their young wing tandem of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum while developing an eventual key role player in Lamar Stevens.



  • New Orleans Pelicans (Round 2, Pick 39 (via MEM) or 41)


The Pelicans are probably the most interesting team in the NBA right now. Their young core of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson, Josh Hart and Jaxson Hayes looks to be the favorites for the 2026 NBA Finals, and that’s not even mentioning that they have a 1st team All-Defensive player in Jrue Holiday. 

So where does Stevens fit in all this?

With a limited jumper, his first rotation minutes will most likely be for his defense, and ability to slash and cut to the basket on offense. This fits well into New Orleans’ small-ball style, with Zion playing a modern center-ish role. A couple years down the line, their lineup could be: Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday  or Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, Lamar Stevens and Zion Williamson. Granted, that’s dependent on how Holiday ages, but that is just an incredible defensive lineup. Lonzo is already a great perimeter defender at 21 years old, and Brandon Ingram actually came into his own defensively this season after being a revolving door for his first couple years. Combine that with Zion’s freak strength and athleticism and Stevens’ versatility as a switch defender? This team could be absolutely freaky defensively.



  • Minnesota Timberwolves (Round 2, Pick 34)


In my last article regarding the draft, I mentioned how much of an absolute shitshow Minnesota is right now – they don’t have a single good wing, and KAT and D’Angelo Russel just don’t seem to give a flying fuck about winning. This means that if ultra-competitive, athletic wing Lamar Stevens is available in the second round, the Wolves could pull their head out of their ass and do something smart for once. While I have harped on Stevens’ limitations offensively and highlights defensively, something of his that goes very underrated is his competitiveness and his drive to win. Granted, it resulted in a couple Penn State losses this past season, but I’d much rather have a guy out there trying too hard than looking like he’d rather be on his boat with friends a week before the playoffs (sorry Odell). Stevens will hustle his absolute balls off until the whistle blows every play – saving loose balls, grabbing crucial boards, and locking up the opponent when it matters most. The only thing that’ll turn the Wolves around is an attitude change, and Lamar Stevens might just be a highway robbery for them in the second round.


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