Many people are saying I’m the hottest horse gambler in this hemisphere, and those people would be correct.

I’ve cashed 2 pick 5’s in the last 2 weeks and have been absolutely rolling at the track so it’s time to share with the class and allow the everyman to accumulate wealth through my picks.

The Arkansas Derby is a big race every year and is usually the last big qualifier for the Kentucky Derby held in April. However this year because of the rona, they’ve had to not only push back Arkansas, they’ve also had to double the field because it’s the only show in town and every trainer with a half decent 3 year old tried to enter him this year. So, rather than excluding trainers and horses, Oaklawn Park decided they would just split the Derby into 2 divisions, both counting for points in the road to the Kentucky Derby. So without further ado, let’s go race by race and pick some damn winners.

RACE 1 1:02 pm Eastern post

#4 Hawt Mess is my favorite horse in this race for the price. He’s coming off 2 second place finishes in his last 2 at Oaklawn and has been bet down to 7-1 off a 12-1 morning line so gamblers seem to agree. We’re also gonna play the early Pick 4 because… well because we are stop judging me you prick.

$96 might seem like a bit of a hefty ticket but that’s actually fairly reasonable and if you really wanna cut it down some more you can cut a few horses out of the 4th leg.

I’ll probably tweet some other single spots that I like throughout the day so follow me @harry__mac. But I know you guys are here for the big money tickets anyway so let’s get to the big Pick 5 and the 3 big races shall we?

Starting in Race 10, the late Pick 5 today should be one of the biggest pools of the year and damn it I want my piece of the pie.

It’s a tough card, I really love Gouvernor Morris and Wells Bayou but it’s going to be very tough to beat Charlatan and Nadal respectively, the 2 Baffert horses who seem to be prohibitive favorites in their respective Derby divisions. As such if you want some extra value and you’re feeling real bold, single Charlatan and Nadal and it’ll make the ticket a lot more reasonably priced.

You can also cut it into a Pick 3 or 4 if you’re looking to pinch some pennies (and you’re a giant coward).

On top of that I have some exotics for the big races right here:

And I think that about does it. Am I acutely aware that finally giving out my pony plays publicly is gonna blow up right in my big stupid Jew nose? Of course! Do I care? Absolutely not, because my job is to bring you, the fine people, winners. And winners I have brought. Good luck at the track today everyone and just savor sort of having sports, I don’t wanna hear any complaints from the damn peanut gallery.