Last night, I took Mookie’s advice and watched The Scheme on HBO. It was really good, maybe the deepest dive we’ve gotten on the behind the scenes reality of NCAA recruiting, and the business behind it. This whole scandal is one of the biggest, and best that the NCAA has dealt with, but there are plenty of scandals worth noting.

Derrick Rose SAT Scores

You think D-Rose went to Memphis to play school? Homie was just a Chicago hoops legend with no time for SAT prep. Can you blame him? Also love how him and Coach Cal bounced from Memphis right as the allegations came down too, smart moves.

UCLA v Memphis

The Entire Jim Tressel Era at Ohio State

Although Tressel’s teams were good on the field, they were wild cards off of it. First with the Maurice Clarrett year at OSU, and then with the tattoo parlor shop, whose owner was being federal charged with selling drugs (s/o Terrell Pryor and his love of tattoos). It was a decade of debauchery under Tressel… and I guess they are clean now that Urban Meyer is gone too.

tressel and prior

Can’t believe Tressel was hired wearing that sweater vest.

Rick Pitino & Louisville Basketball

Banging in an Italian restaurant with the future wife of an assistant coach, hiring strippers and prostitutes to invade Minardi Hall to get recruits, and the 2017 corruption scandal discussed in The Scheme; The Rick Pitino story.  Pitino is the slimiest guy out there, but he can coach. Not sure how the food and “local workers” are in New Rochelle, NY at Iona College, but I’m sure the Gaels will win the MAAC if he’s cleared to coach.


King Slimeball, but one hell of a basketball coach.

Jamil Terrell at St. Bonaventure

This is a story you probably aren’t aware of, but it’s one of the more bizarre tales of college hoops. In 2003, Jamil Terrell was admitted into St. Bonaventure as a JUCO transfer, but instead of an associates degree, Terrell came to the Bonnies with a Welders Certificate. Terrell was booted from the team after being ruled ineligible, and the Bonnies forfeited all the games he played in. The welder Terrell eventually played professionally overseas in Slovenia and New Zealand.

jamil terrell

This dude was a welder before playing D1 Hoops… a welder. Please see below



Reggie Bush

Best. College. Football Player. Ever.

If you were a star player on those mid 2000’s USC football teams, you did not live the college life. Those guys were celebrities. Reggie Bush was seeing a young Kim K while USC gave him a few hundred grand en route to a Heisman, which would later be wrongfully taken away. Give Reggie his Heisman back, NCAA cowards.

reggie bush

USC allegedly paid him a hundred grand, but it should’ve been for a few mil. Guy was incredible.

The list I really want to make is the NCAA scandals that we don’t know about. The NCAA has been dealing with essentially the same problem for like 60 years, and can’t seem to solve it… I wonder why?