Baseball is so fucking back. Is it the MLB? No, of course not; but it is the next best thing – KBO. The Korea Baseball Organization is arguably the second best baseball league in the world outside of the obvious. Tonight (Tomorrow*) at 1 a.m., the KBO’s season officially kicks off with no fans in attendance but a plan in place to play the full 144 game season amongst its 10 teams.

Let me start by saying if you’re not on board with this, go fuck yourself. Is it gonna be the same as seeing Mets/Phillies or Yankees/Red Sox? Of course not, but quit bitching about what we don’t have. The KBO being back just means we’re 1 day closer to the MLB being back. What else ya get better to do at 1 a.m. besides getting fucked up in the Gulag as you bitch and complain that you got flash banged and it shouldn’t count. It counts and you fucking know it.

Second, I promise I am good at capping MLB. That does not mean I am good at capping KBO games with no fans in the stands. If I get hot, tail me – if I’m ass, come for the fade; just know I am gonna help you murder your book maker once MLB returns to normal. I had monster years in 2017 and 2019 and still finished in the black for 2018, just not as good as the other 2 season.

It’s physically impossible for me to backup my claim because I have been on multiple books and accounts that aren’t active anymore. Sure I could possibly find a screenshot or two but that seems like too much for work for people who prolly won’t give a single fuck. Believe me or not, I could not care less. I even wrote about my bookie shutting me down this past summer since I was one of a handful of clients betting and was bending him over weekly.

With that being said, tonight at 1 a.m. we ride for the first time

*full disclosure – it is damn near impossible to find any valuable information on the KBO. the one site I come across was inaccessible due to high traffic so tonight were completely winging it.*

The slate

Kiwoom Heroes -135 vs. KIA Tigers +115  O/U: 8

Now I heard that the NC Dinos and Samsung Lions game was being aired on ESPN but a preview blog I stumbled upon for this game listed ESPN and ESPN+ so I am hoping that all games will be picked up on ESPN+ even if they’re not airing on television. I couldn’t even find the rosters for either of these teams but I read that the KIA Tigers had the best arm in the league last year based on STATIZ’s Wins Above Replacement metric, according to of CBS sports. My only concern is why are the tigers plus money if they have the best pitcher. Also, why wouldn’t the best pitcher pitch on opening day? We don’t fucking know and that only adds to the excitement. Take the Tigers +115. 

 NC Dinos -145 vs. Samsung Lions +125 O/U: 8.5

So from what I read, the Dinos have been awful all preseason, scoring only 2 runs a game – not good one bit. However the Dinos do have a familiar face in the name of former Phillies legend Aaron Altherr. I think the Dinos -145 realize the regular season starts tonight and they right the ship, if I am wrong, how the hell does the under 8.5 not hit then?


Tigers +115

Dinos -145

Dinos/Lions U 8.5

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