As bad as social distancing and lack of sports has been, even if all of this wasn’t going on, we still aren’t really that close to college football szn. As someone who proudly enjoys college ball more than the NFL, it is hard to focus on any other sport besides college football. I am a massive baseball fan and it doesn’t even hold a candle to the way I live for college football. The bands, the fight songs, the traditions and atmospheres, you just cant find it anywhere else besides maybe European/Spanish futbol, but fuck that shit. Since I am in the college football mood thanks to the Coach Duggs tour on Twitch, I decided the basement reads needed another power rankings list. I give you, the top 10 fights songs in college football.

10. University of Auburn 

There are a decent amount of SEC fight songs with Bama, Florida and Auburn. Many try to say that Auburn’s “War Eagle” is just as good if not better than Alabama’s “Yea Alabama,” but I ain’t buying it. I’m a sucker for a good foreshadowing but Bama’s fight song is top 5 for sure.

9. Michigan State University

Over the past few seasons, many college football pundits have debated which conference is in fact better, the Big10 or the SEC. Obviously the SEC is slightly more top heavy but when ya get down into the middle guts of the conferences, there is an argument to be had that the Big10 is the top conference. One thing that can’t be disputed is that the Big10 does in fact have the best fight songs as a total group. The Spartans aren’t the only Big10 squad to make this list.

8. Pennsylvania State University

I know I get a lot of crap for being a Penn State homer but “Fight On State” straight up slaps. The way it slows down towards the end and picks back up really gets the blood flowing. Granted I heard it plenty across my two seasons of being a season ticket holder, but I would pay a ton of money to be back in the student section just one more time.

7. West Point Military Academy 

Some may call this a troop pander but Army has a very solid fight song that is way too overlooked just because the triple option is good for 2-3 touchdowns a game. Do schools do the fight song after field goals? My brain is straight fried at this point. It also doesn’t help that when they matchup against Navy in December when everyone is watching, they never fucking score.

6. Oklahoma University 

Boomer Sooner is easily the best fight song in the Big12 and just one of my absolute favorites. If this was factoring in the atmosphere as well, the Sooner Schooner would propel Oklahoma to number 2 on our list. Never forget when the wagon flipped and crashed in October of last season. I swear they didn’t cover a single game from that point onX

5. University of Michigan

Everyone hypes this fight song up way too much, I come across rankings left and right with this 1 or 2. I don’t get the big deal. Yea it’s better than “little brother” and Penn State but it ain’t the best in the Big10. Keep reading, I mean scrolling. I think a lot of the love for Big Blue’s fight song comes from the nostalgia from them being a good football team in the 1930s.

4. Ohio State University

I fucking despise Ohio State, every single fucking thing about them. They even won me a ton of money in 2019 and I still can not fucking stand them. Covering against OSU this past season was the highlight for me as a Penn State guy who definitely ain’t sipping the cult koolaid. With that being said, I proud myself on not being biased. The beginning of “Battle Cry” is amazing because it does get you ready for war.

3. University of Alabama

You know college football is officially back when you hear “Yea Alabama” roughly 7-9 times Labor Day Weekend as Saban is running the score up with the backups against Western Kentucky or New Mexico Valley. Not only does Bama take the cake when it comes to best team in the SEC, they also win best fight song.

2. University of Notre Dame

I know I’m gonna piss off a ton of losers from Northeast Philly who have no idea Notre Dame has absolutely no ties to any Irish heritage or history, but Notre Dame does not have the best fight song; they just don’t. It’s great and it’s synonymous with college football but there is just one little school out west who has the top spot.

1. University of Southern California

Take me back to Pete Carroll, LenDale White, Matt Leinart Reggie Bush and crank that shit on max. USC blew up just as when I started to really get into college sports and I thought all of it was the coolest thing in the world. The horse, Traveler, “Tribute to Troy” and of course, the best fight song in the land, “Fight On.” Anyone who doesn’t have USC at the top of their list simply isn’t chasing to win back money on the late night slate.

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