During quarantine, I have had a lot of time to myself and with that I decided to watch more movies and t.v. shows. The best thing that I have watched has to be Lil Dicky’s new show, Dave. Dave is a show that is loosely based off of Lil Dicky’s life experiences. I have never been a huge fan of Hip-Hop so I was hesitant on this show but I am happy I watched. This show is hilarious but also very interesting because they talk about problems regarding mental health and even get into relationship problems as well. I highly recommend that you watch the show because you probably have nothing better to do during a time like this. If you have watched the show, I thought I would give you some highlights of my favorite parts of the show.

*Includes Spoilers*


SOMEBODY SUCK ME!!! This has to be one of the funniest parts of the entire show. Does this have to do with the fact that I am outrageously immature, yes but it is the funniest thing in this show by far. I honestly think this should become a viral sensation like FHRITP (F*** her right in the P****). I think this would be funnier than that as you can see in the video where the random guy says it live on a news broadcast.

Gata is probably my third favorite character in this show. In episode 3 he tells his story of being bipolar and it was must watch T.V., shows don’t really tell that story often and it was very interesting to watch his story and where it has gotten him. Also the cultural difference between Gata and Mike is hilarious.

Benny Blanco is probably my second favorite character in the show behind Dave and it is because of moments like these where he says probably some of the most random shit and ends it with suck me. Again I am really immature so these suck me moments are my favorite parts. Benny Blanco also describes himself as Andre the Giant if he got shrunken down into a Danny Devito sized body which I thought was the most accurate description there could be.

Obviously some of the best parts of the show are when Dave turns into Lil Dicky and actually raps. I think this is probably the most impressive part of Dave. He is so creative with his lines and each line doesn’t have to rhyme because he has so much flow. I am going to take a step back because I don’t know anything about rap or “flow” so I am just going to shut up. This scene is awesome because Dave steps out of his comfort zone and shows that he belongs in front of one of the best rappers in the industry, YG. (again no idea about rap so idk if YG is good)

Every show needs some drama in it and this show provided it. This breakup was honestly out of nowhere and it only lasted one episode really. The beginning of the episode you think Dave is just messing around with autotune but by the end the song means much more. Everything in the song describes why Ally broke up with Dave and I thought this was brilliant and one of my favorite parts of the show (I am a sucker for this kind of stuff). Also during this same episode Dave shoots diarrhea out of his ass on a hiking trip in front of Ally (Girlfriend at the time).

I think Mike is probably the funniest character in the entire show because it seems like he is the only one that sees how ridiculous Dave and the rest of the crew are. He is like a disappointed father most of the time. His bland humor is hysterical and something that completes the show.

The final scene in the season shows why Lil Dicky is such a great rapper. Ending the season on this scene was awesome. WHATS YOUR NAME? then we get hit with the credits.

This is not a part of the show but it is the moment when I realized Lil Dicky was actually good at rapping and made me think he is a genius.