I’m going to preface this by saying if anyone mentions the ice cream at the Penn State Creamery, I will not be a happy camper. That ice cream is laced with Penn State cultness. Also no Choco Taco slander.

Last night I got ice cream, and I got Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve been a B&J’s guy for a while now. Ice cream is pretty good (ice cream is like pizza but easier, no such thing as bad ice cream), has good flavors, Half-Baked reigns kings, but lot of good players on the B&J’s roster. Top that off with a classic pint, I mean who doesn’t love a good cow incorporated into an ice cream theme? It’s a great ice cream pick, but is it overrated?

ben and jerrys cows

Great branding, but is it worth the hit to the wallet?

But I’m an adult now, a college graduate, I have to be economical now. I’m talking weighing opportunity costs, SWOT analysis, and budget type stuff, I’m not in fairyworld anymore. While I was in fairyland, I though Ben & Jerry’s was the end all be all ice cream selection, but now I know it’s overrated and overpriced for the average person. It’s expensive in my rural Virginia college town, $6.39 a pint, so I can’t imagine how much it’d be at a bodega in NYC. Let’s not put this dairy delight above the rest cause we get tricked by the high price equaling high quality. Plenty of good brands like Edy’s and Breyers are about half the price, and are just as good. I don’t need the crazy flavors like Half-Baked every time, I’m a simple guy who is satisfied with a cookie dough, cookies & cream, or just plain chocolate (rocky road if I’m feeling wild).

This isn’t a slander piece, but a plea to make Ben & Jerry’s available to the broke. I want to eat my ice cream out of a cow pint like everyone else, but sometimes my wallet isn’t available to make that a reality. So Ben, and Jerry, can ya make it happen?