Class sit down, get in your seats! Pencils out!… Yaminashi why are you late ?!? This some kind of game to you, son ? Is school a game to you? Ya know what? Just go to the principals office, I’m not in the mood for it today. Now for the rest of you, today’s lesson has a lot of neat things, but we are starting with a very somber note.

One year ago, Professor Barnes got his heart broken, but in reality, the entire city of Philadelphia took a serious loss. Today one year ago, Kawhi hit the quadrouple-doink Game 7 buzzer-beater. Maybe the most absurd shot ever hit in the entirety of basketball. He hit a corner jumper, a DEEP 2, over Joel Embiid, the most athletic 7 footer to ever play in the Association. That was the Sixers year, and Kawhi took it from our cold dead hands. To paint the picture of how distraught I was, here’s a picture of me immediately following the game.

post sixers game

If you look close enough you can see me crying. Dead serious, I cried. Kawhi Leonard did this to Professor Barnes.

Okay, I’m done with my outburst. Sorry you all had to see that. Lets get back to the rest of the lecture.

Sports History

Besides the Kawhi buzzer-beater, there is plenty of sports action that went down. Today in 1890 marks a historic day for gambling, as Louisiana legalized prize fighting. Gotta love Louisiana, and hopefully they go back to their roots and legalize sports gambling now.

20 years later in 1910, the all-time best athlete name did something pretty spectacular for the Philadelphia Athletics. In a game against the Cleveland Indians, Chief Bender, yes you read that correctly, threw a no-hitter. His real first name is Charles, but he was from the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota, which is why he was nicknamed Chief.

Although Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier in 1947, it wasn’t until 1955 that a black pitcher threw a no-hitter, when Chicago Cub Sam Jones no-hit the Pirates.

Lastly of note, today in 1982 the USFL was formed. The former football league lasted 4 years, and like the AAF and the XFL, it stood no chance against the NFL.

World History

This day in 1215, English barons serve King John an ultimatum, which eventually became known as the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta, known as “The Great Charter”, ensured that everyone is subject to the laws, even rulers and kings.

With coronavirus taking over the world, it’s a no-brainer to mention that today is National Hospital Day. The holiday was first observed in 1921. Shout out to all the doctors, nurses, and all hospital workers who are busting their tail in this crazy time.

Finally for you movie lovers out there, 26 years ago today, Pulp Fiction premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Maybe Tarantino’s best movie.

Alright, that’s the bell, get onto your next class.