It seems to be a trend now for everyone online to shit on The Office. The show that everyone once cherished is now at the forefront of a surplus of jokes. I suppose it’s morbid popularity made it too mainstream for the masses of relatable, edgy twitter users..

I’ve been informed that liking The Office is not a personality trait.

I’m torn here. On one hand, it does infuriate me how much I see Office material on my timeline. On the other, I legitimately despise when phrases like this spread so vapidly that their once contrarian stance becomes the norm, yet the spewers of anti-office propaganda still believe they’re revolutionaries.

I’m sure one person tweeted this, it went viral, and now literally every minute someone thinks they came up with this inspiring idea.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t watched the Office, almost all watching in it’s entirety. It’s a funny show. I don’t think it’s necessarily cool to shit on people for their love of Michael Scott gifs or for cackling at all of Jim’s totally hilarious and not super immature or weirdly childish for an adult man pranks on Dwight.

Does it suck when ESPN tweets out pictures of the warehouse basketball episode once every other week? Yes. Is it extremely annoying when someone replies to your tweet with a Office gif that has absolutely no correlation to your post? Of course.

But that’s just the reality of the world. Most people are terrible and unoriginal. They are on the surface at least. That’s why you see the same viral tweet, literally word for word, pop up time and time again. Everybody has watched this show, I can’t blame them for trying to connect.

I look at like this…

Say you’re at your girlfriends house and you’re talking to her dad. You’ve met him a few times, but you aren’t close by any means. What are you guys gonna talk about? Things that actually interest you? Absolutely not.

“Hey Mr. Johnson, how about the Eagles draft huh?”

“What have you been watching on Netflix?”

“Yeah the weather’s been crazy.”

You find a resemblance of commonalities and terrible small talk about the most popular things. You think either he or I care to discuss about the rain we’ve been having for the past three days? I don’t believe anyone truly cares what episode of Soprano’s I’m on. If I went on a half hour tangent on why velveta mac and cheese is superior to kraft, I’d probably be out of a relationship. As humans we stick to social codes.

I’ll give the Twitter Office talk a pass in this sense. It’s honestly probably a good thing to have some light-hearted jocular content on my repulsive underbelly twitter feed every once in awhile. In person, though, absolutely not.

Maybe the worst experience in the world is when you’re explaining a situation and someone says,  “omg, that’s just like that scene in the office when…” It’s actually not like that at all. It’s the opposite of that.

Verdict–liking off the Office is cool if you accept that Always Sunny is a better show.