In the last five or so months, I’ve become a really big UFC guy. One of my favorite things about finding a new fighter every time I watch is seeing their fighter nickname. Something about seeing a good nickname just really riles me up and makes me either really like or really hate the fighter. Case in point would be last night during UFC Jacksonville. Omar Morales has the super creative nickname of “The Venezuelan Fighter” which makes me absolutely hate him even aside from the fact that he lost me money by beating Gabriel Benitez. Like there’s no way that could be the best one he came up with.

Some guys on the other hand, either put a lot of effort into their creativity or fully embrace their nickname which I think is a really fun thing for a sport where their actual job is to kill their opponent with their bodies. Some I like way more than others, so this is my top five list of guys who I think have done the best job.

Chan Sung Jung “The Korean Zombie”

The 33-year-old featherweight from Seoul, South Korea has put together quite a resume in his time in the UFC circuit. In his UFC debut in 2011, he submitted Leonard Garcia with a fucking twister with one second left in the 2nd round.

He currently holds a 16-5 professional record with some notable wins over Dustin Poirier (submission) and Frankie Edgar (KO) and is now the #4 featherweight contender in the world. His nickname comes from his zombie-like ability to keep moving forward after eating punch after punch and that is so badass.

Ben “Combat Wombat” Sosoli

This Australian heavyweight has hands down my favorite nickname in the UFC and might just be my favorite overall dude’s dude on the roster. I saw him for the first time live in February and fell in love immediately. I mean look at this guy:

Painted on abs, mullet, Australian bloke that just comes into the ring and gets after it. During his last fight at Fight Night 168, did he get absolutely pounded in a first round KO? Yes, but that’s besides the point. I’m going to keep on enjoying this beast in all his glory and can’t wait to see him in the octagon again soon. Don’t look now but he’s also 7-3 professionally and went the distance with Greg Hardy before having that fight turned into a no contest due to Hardy using an inhaler between rounds (?) Keep on keepin’ on Mr. Wombat. Here is a wombat, for reference.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

My favorite fighter ever. In his prime, the dude was unstoppable, piling up the most wins and most finishes in UFC history. Now at 37, Cowboy is certainly out of said prime and has lost his last four fights, including a very questionable unanimous decision against Anthony Pettis over the weekend. You may have heard of the other three guys to beat him prior to that (Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson.) Still one of the most captivating fighters in history, Cerrone’s nickname fully embraces his personality. Whether it’s wearing a cowboy hat into the ring, his southern drawl or his down-to-business attitude, Cerrone is one of the baddest dudes on the face of the earth and here are some highlights to back up that claim.

Also, Cowboy by Kid Rock as his ring entrance music is an electric factory.

Francis “The Predator” Ngannou

Ah yes, the scariest person on the planet had to be on this list right? The 6’4″ 260-pound heavyweight who is built like a statue is very deserving of the Predator nickname. He holds a pro record of 15-3 with all of his wins coming via finish with 11 knockouts and four submissions. He’s also the #2 heavyweight contender in the world, and should get a title shot after dismantling undefeated Jairzinho Rozenstruik in 20 seconds on Saturday night. The Cameroon native has the tribal ring entrance music, the heavy African accent and traps that make The Rock look weak. If you’re gonna take anything away from this blog, it’s this video. Please watch it.

Also, news came out today that Jon Jones wants to move up to heavyweight to fight Ngannou and I would pay all the money in the world to see that happen.

Curtis “Razor” Blaydes

I’m a sucker for good word-play and this is textbook. The last name Blaydes is already super cool so just the fact that he’s the #3 heavyweight mixed martial artist in the world makes it that much cooler. He has a pro record of 13-2 with 10 KO’s and his only two losses come at the hands of our friend Mr. Francis Ngannou. Hearing the legendary Bruce Buffer call out Razor Blaydes in the octagon is unreal and something that I’ll never get sick of. I will leave you with some of Razor’s greatest moments in the UFC ring.

Think I missed any good ones or have any you just want to share? Be sure to give me a shout on Twitter @Jake_From_SFarm

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