Do you feel that in the air? That’s the electricity that you can only feel on fight day. And thanks to the powers that be and the good lord above (Uncle Dana), we’re getting our 3rd fight card in 7 days.

Now, I know. We’ve been pretty stinky with the first 2 cards bach from quarantine. Just hasn’t done us well yet. So, I made the executive decision to pay my bookie, IN FULL, before payday this week just so I can get my mojo bach for the people. That guy’s a damn weasel and a serpent so any extra interaction I have with him is solely for your benefit Mr. Reader, not mine. But, I digress.

All that really matters today is we have winners AND we’ll be going live at 4:30 from @bookiesbasement to give our analysis and the reasoning behind these picks. That’s right, I am honeydicking you, and I am not sorry.

So without further ado… SLATE: