Barney Buckets is back with some college hoops action. The basketball world is dry now with only talks of players entering their name for the NBA Draft, or an average player entering the NCAA transfer portal , but we got BIG news surrounding the nations most coveted transfer. The White Knight, Mac McClung, was announced his Top 7.

McClung recently announced he’d be leaving the Georgetown basketball program, and instantly became the biggest fish in the transfer portal pond upon his announcement. McClung averaged 15.7 points in his sophomore Hoya campaign, but his stardom wasn’t enough to keep him at a crumbling Georgetown program. Yesterday, McClung announced his Top 7 future destinations, and although Duke wasn’t on there like I thought, there are plenty of mouth-watering places he could end up.


This one doesn’t make much sense to me, especially with the other SEC schools that he is considering. The Hogs head coach Eric Musselman is a cool guy and a players coach, but Arkansas is not a basketball school, so don’t expect Mac to become a Razorback.


If McClung goes to SEC, this is the school he’s going to. Auburn has been a contender in the SEC the past few years, have had deep runs in the tournament like their Final Four in 2019, and have one of the best (and sweatiest) coaches in the country in Bruce Pearl. McClung could be saying War Eagle soon enough, expect Auburn to be in the hunt until the end.

mac aub


The 2nd coming of Jimmer is not coming to Provo anytime soon. McClung will not be a cougar. Also, I don’t think he’s a Mormon.


Now this is where I think he’s gonna land. Memphis is going to be REALLY good next year, and McClung would add veteran leadership to a young, but extremely talented Memphis squad. Also having an NBA legend in Penny Hardaway being your coach wouldn’t be a bad option either.

mac memphis

Looks good in that Tiger Blue.

Texas Tech

I know TTU had that Final Four run, but I don’t see McClung ending up playing Big-12 hoops in Texas. Although Tech maybe one of the better teams on his list, it doesn’t seem like his best option.


The Trojans are the sleeper team in this race. As of late they’ve been adding plenty of talent, like class of 2020 #3 overall recruit Evan Mobley, and playing in an open Pac-12 Conference could allow McClung and Mobley to make a run at a conference title, and more. Keep an eye out for USC.

mac usc

Wake Forest

I really wanted to see McClung at Duke. He would’ve been the best Duke villain of the decade, perhaps the century. At least would have liked him to choose an ACC school like ‘Cuse or Miami, not the smallest D1 school in the country. The Demon Deacons (one of the best names in NCAA) just wont have enough firepower to compete with the bigger programs.


At the end of the day, my money is on McClung to become a Tiger, either at Auburn, or my 1st pick Memphis. USC could be the darkhorse in the race as well, especially if they can really woo him on the surrounding pieces. Regardless of where he goes, Mac McClung will continue to to dispel the rumor that “White Men Can’t Jump”.