Today at 4:30, the NHL announced its 24-team return proposal, which was agreed upon by the NHLPA. Hockey is back, not the way it normally is, but who cares, it’s back.

The Stanley Cup will still be awarded to the best team in hockey this year, even though it’ll be done in a format we’ve never seen before, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Lord Stanley will be hoisted by champions, not frauds. 

The first round games alone give off intense playoff vibes, and the potential to see upsets by Cinderellas is always something I am a fan of. 

Betting through this playoff bracket is going to be more addictive than caffeine mixed with crack. Some of these odds are also juicy. Flyers +1200, Caps +1000, and Tampa at +600 would be my plays in the East. In the West, I’m still riding with my early season picks of Colorado at +800 and Dallas, which is at an extremely good line of +1400. 

The Covid Cup run is going to be must watch tv, regardless of when it comes back. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the 1st round match-ups coming later this week.

nhl 24 format