I’m sure everyone and their mother has been telling you to watch Show X, and to watch Show Z over quarantine, and 99% of the time you don’t wanna watch their suggested shows. It’s normally a show you’ve heard is good like Ozarks, Billions or Outer Banks, but you aren’t gonna get invested in something like that. I’m sure they are all good in their own right, but those shows weren’t written by a proven creative genius. Brockmire isn’t just any show, it’s Hank Azaria’s new baby!

For those of you not familiar with the name Hank Azaria, I’m sure you are familiar with one of this other t.v. shows,¬†The Simpsons. He was the voice of Moe the Bartender, Officer Wiggum, Apu, and many others. The guy is a comedic genius with the voice of an angel, and his character, and premise of the show, Jim Brockmire is no different.


All the characters Simpsons characters that Brockmire creator, and star, Hank Azaria has voiced-over.

A smooth talking, former disgraced, alcoholic baseball announcer Jim Brockmire embarks on a mission to get back to the Major League’s after a meltdown, caused by his the finding of his then wife’s sexual interests, sent him to rock-bottom. And by sexual interests, I mean she was pegging their next-door neighbor when Brockmire came in and caught them in the act. For those of you wondering how big of a meltdown he had, it sent him on a 10 year tour of southeast Asia brothels… which is highly documented throughout the show. The only question you ask yourself while watching is, how can one man do so many degenerate, slime-ball things in one night without dying, and then wake up and call a baseball game like Michelangelo paints. The answer, well only Jim Brockmire, the Missouri born man who became fluent in 4-5 languages through the language of international sex. Also he gave Bob Costas pink-eye at the Sochi Winter Olympics, sneaky bastard Brockmire.

Hank Azaria has given us some of out favorite t.v. laughs with his Simpsons work, so let him give you some more. This time it wont be yellow cartoons causing the chuckles, but good ‘ol Jim Brockmire, a legend of the booth.

If you liked Eastbound & Down with Kenny Powers, you’ll eat this up like. Find Seasons 1-3 of Brockmire¬†on Hulu, and you can find Season 4 on IFC. It’s always foul with Jim Brockmire.