Record: 2-3-1

Overall: -2.9u

Wow. What a disappointing turn of events on Sunday. After a 2-1-1 start to the weekend Ulsan lets the basement down. In case you weren’t up at the ass crack of dawn over Memorial Day Weekend… Ulsan came out sluggish but they had a goal wrongfully overturned by VAR which would’ve given us a push on both Ulsan -1 and o3 goals.

The ref running VAR may need new glasses but I don’t, I’m seeing the board better than I ever have. So we’re moving forward!


Daegu FC vs Sangju Sagmu  – Friday, May 29 6:30AM EDT

I think both these teams are quite similar in that they will try and win games by limiting the number of goals scored in them. Plus Daegu’s attack has been woeful so far and with more injury concerns going into this match I’m not confident they can figure anything out in the attacking third. u2,2.5 (-116)

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors vs Gangwon FC  – Saturday, May 30 3:30AM EDT

I skipped playing Jeonbuk vs Daegu last week because I was skeptical how they would fare against Daegu’s stingy defense. They did just fine. Gangwon don’t look like the same team that took down FC Seoul on matchday one. All signs point to Jeonbuk once again being an absolute wagon this season, so I’m content riding their money line to the promised land. Jeonbuk ML (-121)

Busan IPark vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings – Saturday, May 30 6:00AM EDT

Busan have looked about just as good as any team with an 0-2-1 record can. They sat behind the ball and waited for the right time to counter attack. To their credit, they were able to find a goal in their matches against Jeonbuk and Ulsan. Suwon is a step down in competition from their first three matches and I expect a more aggressive play style from them. Even if they don’t win, Busan have proven to be an extremely tough team to beat. Busan IPark pk,+.5 (-131)

Gwangju FC vs Ulsan Hyundai – Saturday, May 30 6:00AM EDT

Gwangju are useless. Not only are they winless but they are yet to score a single goal. I’m not going to let last week’s losses on Ulsan stop me from betting on them. Ulsan -.5,-1 (-111)

FC Seoul vs Seongnam FC – Sunday, May 31 3:30AM EDT


Incheon United vs Pohang Steelers – Sunday, May 31 6:00AM EDT

Incheon are yet to score a single goal but they have also only allowed one goal through three matches. Combine that with the fact that Pohang is struggling to find consistent scoring themselves, this one is destined to be a snoozer. u2,2.5 (-108). I’m feeling dangerous so I’ll also put my lunch money on Pohang to win 1-0.


  • 1u Daegu vs Sangju Sagmu u2,2.5 (-116)
  • 2u Jeonbuk ML (-121)
  • 1u Busan pk,+.5 (-131)
  • 3u Ulsan  -.5,-1 (-111)
  • 2u Incheon vs Pohang  u2,2.5 (-108)
  • 0.25u Pohang 1 – Incheon 0 (+500)


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