Mac McClung has shortened his Top 7 down to his Top 1. The white man who can jump chose Texas Tech, which bodes well for the junior point guard. McClung will look for immediate eligibility, but may have to sit out a season if the NCAA dismisses his waiver.

Mac McClung isn’t a lottery pick, or even an NBA player for that matter, but the kid is a good damn college player. Also has some serious bunnies, not even just white boy hops. He jumps through the gym, and now without the dysfunction of Georgetown, we’ll be able to see him shine in a structured system. He won’t be forced to chuck shots like crazy, or required to carry the load defensively. Tech lost some talent to the NBA, but thy are a deep team. Get ready Tech to start selling out tickets for the Mac McClung show.

Also, for all you Arkansas and BYU twitter cronies who mocked me, suck it. He was NEVER going to those schools, they don’t fit his style. BYU fans are nutjobs.