I know there was a game yesterday, so apologies for having this out a day late. However, if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know I won my Leverkusen bet yesterday. I already matched my win total from last slate, so I got that going for me… which is nice.

I know I got crushed during the last Bundesliga slate, you don’t have to tell me twice. I went 1-9… Yikes.

So no longer am I giving out picks, I’m giving out the Barney Bundesliga Fade Board. I’m doing this because it’s not about me making money, it’s about you, the reader, making money. I want to put the money, the kraut, and the schnitzel all in your pocket. Let me be your Robin Hood, and I’ll do that by telling you what to pick, and then just take the exact OPPOSITE of what I say. You’ll probably end up with some nice change in your pocket if you do.

Bayern Leverkusen v. SC Freiburg

This game happened on Friday, but if you were tailing me on Twitter, I made ya some loot. Leverkusen moneyline at -180 was a tad high, but it was a reliable one. Ya boi Barney threw 2 units on it, and Leverkusen pulled through.

Frankfurt v. Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg gave Leverkusen a spanking last outing, and they’ll take that confidence with them against Frankfurt. Taking Wolfsburg ML for 1 unit at -120.

FC Augsburg v. Hertha Berlin

Barney Bundesliga isn’t giving out his usual absurd amount of draws this time around, but I can’t leave the draws at home completely. These two teams are right next to each other in the standings, so I’m taking a tie at +260, despite Hertha Berlin being favorites.

Hoffenheim v. Mainz

Hoffenheim regained form last week against Cologne, and they’ll keep that form against a lack-luster Mainz side. Hoffenheim ML for 2 units at +130.

Schalke v. Werder Bremen

I know I said last week that if Schalke didn’t pull through for me they’d be dead to me, but I’m going back to the well. I’m giving them one more chance at redemption. This time I mean it when I say if they don’t beat Bremen, I will fade them every game moving forward. For potentially the last time ever, I’m taking Schalke on the money for 1 unit at +135.

Bayern Munich v. Düsseldorf

At this point, we take Bayern money line every game. I don’t care if the MonStars drop basketball and pick up soccer, I’m still taking Bayern over them. But sometimes when a team is that good, we get no money line. Bayern is always a lock, but it’s tough to find value when the big boys play at times. Instead of the ML, I’m taking Bayern to have a clean sheet for 1 unit at -160.

Union Berlin v. ‘Gladbach

Union Berlin is really growing on me. They are a scrappy group of guys, and are probably the first team I’d take in a street fight, but this ain’t street fighting, it’s soccer. Hop on the ‘Gladbach money line train for 2 units at -180 and you’ll be ‘Glad ya did!

God that was an awful pun. I’m sorry you all had to read that.

Dortmund v. Paderborn

Like Bayern, this money line is too high, like very unreasonable. I never get why people throw like 25k on a play to only walk away with 2G’s… stupid play with no value. But like Bayern, there is always value to be found when the big boys play. I’m taking Dortmund to shut out Paderborn for 1 unit at +140.

FC Köln v. Leipzig

As much I wanna still ride out for my Billy Goats, I can’t go against Leipzig. Per usual, I will wait for the Leipzig line to drop once the game starts. They are -175 favorites as of Friday night, so let’s watch how that line moves until kickoff on Monday.


As of right now I’m 11-20, down 4 units, but I’m catching heat at the right time. It must be the new headband, shout out SLEEFS.com for the hook-up. Use promo code GFSL for 25% off on all of their products, not that you’ll need it after the Fade Board puts all the kraut and brats in your bank account. Kick it easy this weekend, mates.