The MLS and the MLSPA have finally agreed on a return to play proposal, most of which had to do with economic issues, and the CBA. Voluntary training was empty this week as players held out, but unlike the MLB, the MLS owners were not hesitant of enforcing a league lockdown. The owners gave the players an ultimatum for Wednesday at noon to make their decision on the latest proposal, and thankfully, the MLSPA agreed. Soccer is back in America, baby.

A MLSPA union source stated that the total amount of economic concessions amounts to over $100 million. Players will have the option to delay the salary cut until after the Orlando tournament, but the total amount of the cut will be the same. Performance and individual bonuses will be capped at $5m for this season. Other CBA concessions were made, and the CBA was expanded until 2025. Glad that both sides could find a middle ground so that the beautiful game can come back to America.

The approval now opens the door for the league to return to the field next month with a tournament to be held at the Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World, a site many of these players are familiar with from their youth soccer days. All 26 teams will be involved in this tournament. Soccer is coming back all-across the globe, which is beautiful for the game, and for the world that will be watching. Until next time, keep kickin’ it.