Last week, I did pretty well. The Fade Board was positive actually. But if I know anything about myself, it’s that I’m due for a good fade week. So here we go, let’s take a look at the big board for this Bundesliga slate.

‘Gladbach v. SC Freiburg

I will ride with ‘Gladbach until the world stops spinning. Freiburg have only secured 2 points since the restarted season, and have been shutout twice as well. Champions League chasing ‘Gladbach will keep the southwest German club at bay in the only match on Friday. Taking ‘Gladbach money line at -130 and the over of 2.5 goals at -150.

Leipzig v. Paderborn

Despite not holding onto star strike Timo Werner in the long term, Leipzig is a massive favorite over bottom-dweller Paderborn. Paderborn snuck one in the back of the net in a 6-1 loss last week against Dortmund, but I don’t think the side with a -29 goal differential will find the net this Saturday. Taking a Leipzig shutout for 2 units at EVEN odds.

Frankfurt v. Mainz

Frankfurt has been a new team since the restart. They’ve shown signs of life offensively, scoring 11 goals in the past 5 games, and will look to keep the foot hot against Mainz. Mainz will look to stave off relegation this season, but they can’t keep me away from hammering Frankfurt money line for 1 unit at EVEN odds.

Leverkusen v. Bayern Munich

This is the biggest game of the week, no questions asked. Bayern are trying to expand their lead over the rest of the Bundesliga, while Leverkusen are in a ferocious battle for the final Champions League spot.  Less we forget, the last time these two sides met Leverkusen gave Bayern 1 of its 4 losses on the season, but history won’t repeat itself this time. Taking the over of 3.5 goals at -130, and Bayern money line at -200.

Düsseldorf v. Hoffenheim

Hoffenheim have been hard to read all year, and Dusseldorf have been on a slide. Taking the 1H draw at +125, and the tie in the end at +250. Hoffenheim were fortunate last week, but they won’t get that lucky this week.

Dortmund v. Hertha Berlin

Dortmund pumped Paderborn last week, but they couldn’t keep a clean sheet. This week, I think they’ll keep that clean sheet. Taking Dortmund shutout at +155.

Bremen v. Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg. Both teams are coming off of losses to Frankfurt, but Bremen’s loss was only 4 days ago. Give me the better rested, and more talented Wolfsburg side for 2 units at EVEN money.

Union Berlin v. Schalke

I know I said that Schalke was fade on sight after last weeks performance. I’ve been saying it, I can’t stand this team. However, there’s something in the air that is SCREAMING take the draw this game, so I’ll take it at a juicy +215. This time if Schalke don’t get the draw, they are FADE ON SIGHT, and this time I mean it (maybe).

FC Augsburg v. FC Köln

Is it finally the Billy Goats time ? Will they be able to take out the House Plants of Augsburg? Yes, yes they will. Cologne caught a bad break last week going a man down early against Hoffenheim, but this is their week. Give me my Billy Goats at +145 money line for 1 unit.


Per usual, if you tail me on these picks and lose, it’s your fault cause this is clearly the Fade Board, not the “Take these Picks Board”. And if by the grace of God you fade me and lose, well then I’m equally as shocked as you that I won. Kick it easy this weekend, mates.